Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Clear Trash Bags vs Black Trash Bags

When you talk to managers about using clear trash bags, most of them have no idea how many ways they can save, prevent loss and increase productivity.  Judson says. “It’s a sure thing that if a manager isn't actively focused on their employee conduct and preventative maintenance they’re jeopardizing the integrity of their operation”

According to Judson, the best way to maintain the integrity of your operation is by constantly knowing what your employees are doing. One of the ways operators catch waste, poor workmanship, theft and much more, is by simply using clear trash bags made of quality resins that are puncture resistant. These bags also known as Can liners have many uses.
  1. At a glance the Head Housekeeper can see if there are Liquids in the bottom of the bag. If the bag is of low quality and full of liquid it can leak and run onto the carpet or floor, all liquids should be drained into sink to maintain floor integrity.
  2. “Trust is not a loss prevention strategy,” Judson says. Clear Trash bags will control theft, Employees often smuggle valued goods in trash bags that are taken out behind the building then steal the hidden products.
  3. Other times clear trash bags will display contents that are in the bag, such when the Banquet Department brings down Linen to be washed and if it were in a black bag the maintenance can toss it in the dumpster without knowing it.
  4.  Clear Trash bags can be used in a late spring freeze to cover freshly potted flowers. The clear trash bag allows the sun light to shine through while protecting the plant in warmth. 

Perhaps by now you’re Imagining all the other ways clear trash bags can help your operation?

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